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Chapter 220 Never Admit Defeat

  • It was a hard fall, and Li Shanshan lost consciousness as she landed on the ground. The back of her head, her back, and her butt stung as she regained consciousness, feeling as if her body was in shambles.
  • “Do you need me to help you up?” Shangguan Youran approached her before looking down at her. Li Shanshan moved her body in an attempt to get up as anger simmered within her, but she was in so much pain that she could hardly move.
  • Shangguan Youran scoffed as she continued mocking, “Fan Hunjun was constantly talking about you while in S Country, so I assumed you would be a true beauty who is full of grace and decorum. I finally get to see that you’re nothing but a loose woman with a bad temper. I never would’ve thought that Fan Hunjun had such perverse tastes in women.”
  • Li Shanshan’s countenance shifted as Shangguan Youran mocked her, and she had never been humiliated in such a manner. Compared to the beatings and the pain, Shangguan Youran’s despise toward her was what affected her the most. Li Shanshan had always been referred to as a beauty among her classmates and acquaintances ever since she was young, yet Shangguan Youran would call her a loose woman and mock her as being ugly.
  • However, Shangguan Youran was indeed young and pretty, so her words only stung even harder. Li Shanshan had no other way to retaliate other than using words of mockery, as she couldn’t even stand up, say less of fighting Shangguan Youran again. “Yeah, I am a loose woman with an ill temper, and I am ugly, but does it even matter? What’s so great about your youth and beauty when I am the woman that Fan Hunjun chose? He and I are registered and would be married by New Year.”
  • “Is that so? On what grounds do you base your belief that he would marry you on? Why are you so certain that he wasn’t stringing you along?”
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