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Chapter 22 Revenge Must Be Enacted Even For Small Grievances

  • Initially, the beautiful lady thought that the two of them were close, but as she continued to listen to them, she realized that Fan Hunjun didn’t know that Jiang Zehui was kingpin in the underworld. That was why she couldn’t help but cut in. She was rather pleased as she felt that she managed to help Jiang Zehui out.
  • She hadn’t imagined that Jiang Zehui would shoot a glare at her. “Don’t just make things up in front of my bro here. I guess you don’t know? My bro Fan here was the one who gave me this life. In the past…”
  • “Never mind, let’s not bring up old experiences. Continue driving!”
  • The lady poked her tongue out. Even if they didn’t say anything else, she at least managed to understand that Fan Hunjun had once saved Jiang Zehui’s life. Still, that was probably just a coincidence, right?
  • However, the lady didn’t know what happened at all. If she were to know all the nitty-gritty details of Fan Hunjun’s rescue of Jiang Zehui, even if she wasn’t terrified till she died, she would at least pass out from the fright.
  • Jiang Zehui immediately activated the bluetooth call function in his car and dialed a number. Once the call connected, Jiang Zehui asked the receiver. “Leopard, where are you now?”
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