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Chapter 209 Brimming With Tears

  • “Mom, you’re a good person, and I’m very grateful for you!” Li Shanshan had the urge to kneel in front of Zhou Manlan out of gratitude.
  • They got to order some takeaway from the restaurant by then. They ordered a light meal as hospitalized patients wouldn’t be able to eat anything lavish anyway. They also got some rice for themselves, Fan Hunjun and Shangguan Youran. They had bags full of food as they left the restaurant and returned to the ward.
  • “Shanshan, you have to remember,” Zhou Manlan said, “that regardless of the wedding ceremony, you’re a legal couple with him as long as you’re registered, and nobody could say otherwise.”
  • Li Shanshan nodded in response, but was still somewhat worried about it as she said, “Shangguan Youran hailed from such a rich family that she could afford to present the mansion on Min Hill that she bidded on successfully to Hunjun as if it was no big deal. She is also young and pretty, I—”
  • Zhou Manlan interjected, “I wouldn’t be of much help if you’re trying to gain Hunjun’s affections, as your feelings belong to none other than yourselves, so you only have yourself to rely on in that regard. But you have to remember one thing when it comes to money, which was why I emphasized on your identity as a legally recognized wife. While you can do whatever you like while registering for a marriage, you have to be aware of your own rights when you’re filing for a divorce.”
  • Zhou Manlan smiled as she saw that Li Shanshan was startled by her words. “It would be another story altogether if Hunjun were poor, but he is filthy rich, so you should never sign on the papers before he agrees to give you half of what he owns if he ever files for a divorce!”
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