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Chapter 207 Telling the Truth

  • Zhou Manlan smiled as she questioned, “Shanshan, are you feigning ignorance or are you truly ignorant of what happened?”
  • Li Shanshan smiled bitterly as she replied, “While I know you’re referring to what happened just now, I don’t really know what you mean when you accuse me of putting up an act in front of that girl with Hunjun.”
  • Is she really oblivious to it? Zhou Manlan came to a conclusion fairly easily; Li Shanshan and Fan Hunjun were a registered couple, and they had decided on the date of their wedding, yet Li Shanshan still seemed calm and unperturbed at all by a foreign girl who popped in out of nowhere while attempting to take Hunjun away from her.
  • From Zhou Manlan’s perspective, Li Shanshan and Fan Hunjun’s marriage was a hoax. They were putting up an act back in the ward and during the auction in an attempt to lure Shangguan Youran.
  • Li Shanshan and Fan Hunjun’s aim would be to prompt Shangguan Youran to chase after Fan Hunjun and have her walk right into their trap. She did put her house up for auction and gave all the money to Fan Hunjun, so their plan would be considered a success if that were the case.
  • However, another possibility would be that Fan Hunjun had always been chasing after Li Shanshan ever since their days as classmates, but to no avail, which was why Fan Hunjun had made a pact with Shangguan Youran to put up an act in front of Li Shanshan to facilitate his success in the endeavor as soon as possible.
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