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Chapter 200 Nervous

  • Li Shanshan stood at the window of Fan Hunjun’s grandmother's ward, brooding over everything that had happened, her head in a complete mess. The more she racked her head, the more confused she became.
  • Especially when she saw how her classmates kept telling her to reply in the group, and with Pang Zhibiao riling everyone up to attend this month's class reunion, she became even more distressed.
  • Zhang Junhao's parents did not acknowledge her, and his mother caused a scene in the hospital. Not only that, Zhang Junhao was not as nice as he seemed as well; he was a scum who fooled around with women. However, the news just now proved that he actually had feelings for her.
  • Zhang Junhao will definitely be there at the reunion, so what should I do?
  • Li Shanshan had already filed for marriage with Fan Hunjun and their families had even agreed to their marriage. If Fan Hunjun could bury old grudges and treat her wholeheartedly, she was ready to grit her teeth and continue the relationship. Even if she couldn’t distance herself from Zhang Junhao, she could completely ignore him if she wanted to.
  • The problem was that Fan Hunjun's words back then at the hotel seemed to lack the warmth and passionate love he had when they first met.
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