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Chapter 199 Flirting

  • Pang Zhibiao hurriedly messaged the group and eagerly urged everyone to join the class reunion that was going to be held this mind. At the same time, he was hoping that Fang Youqin would invite Fan Hunjun.
  • Meanwhile, Fang Youqin was still thinking about the handsome young man Shangguan Youran disguised. After seeing the news, she immediately dialed Fan Hunjun’s phone.
  • Fan Hunjun and Shangguan Youran were walking towards the in-patient section of the hospital, when he saw the name Fang Youqin on his phone. He immediately picked up, "Hello, beautiful Fang, what’s up?”
  • "You seem to be hiding something. Who would’ve thought that you have such a rich friend? When will you introduce him to me?"
  • "Why? Are you short on cash, beautiful Fang?"
  • “Nonsense, how would you know what I’m lacking?”
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