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Chapter 194 Causing a Stir

  • “Don’t you have any other plan?”
  • “Do you mean Pierre?”
  • “Yes!”
  • Johnson shook his head. “I heard about that guy. He is even more brutal than Duan Yuntao. To be honest, Mike, all these years we spent in Africa, we have seen a dozen of the mercenaries groups’ leaders. Undeniably, Fan Hunjun is still the most good-natured and liberal-minded among all.”
  • “That’s true.” Mike said. “If Fan Hunjun wins the battle this time, then we have nothing to worry about. But if he lost to Duan Yuntao, then I think Pierre can only be our safety net.”
  • Johnson nodded in agreement. “If that’s the case, I don’t see why not.”
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