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Chapter 193 What Do You Think?

  • Be it friends or siblings, it was always typical that bond was tighter when you were going through hardship together, but when it came to sharing a fortune together, things would always go sour.
  • Actually, S Country was going through a great unrest now. The western mercenaries organizations were itching to take action, and they didn’t want to see the mercenaries group formed by the Asian to have a foothold in S Country, especially the mercenaries led by Pierce. His mercenaries group mainly consisted of veterans from the Western regular force—the Marine Corps and the Airborne Division.
  • Judging from the actual situation, Fan Hunjun shouldn’t be spending time returning to his home country.
  • However, if their internal issue remained unsolved while they were being confronted by a formidable enemy, he wouldn’t be able to unite the forces against the enemy.
  • Even though Fan Hunjun already found out that Duan Yuntao was colluding with Pierce, he didn’t have any concrete proof, so he couldn’t take any action against Duan Yuntao.
  • This time, he purposely left S Country and gave Duan Yuntao some space, waiting for him to put on a show.
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