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Chapter 191 Revealing the Whole Story

  • Johnson smiled and told Shangguan Youran, “Knock it off. Boss is trying to come out with a solution to fix the hot mess that you just made.”
  • “Hey white man, do you understand the virtue of talking nicely and avoiding disputes?” Shangguan Youran rolled her eyes at him and turned her face away. Her face instantly broke into a wide grin when she looked at Fan Hunjun. “The trouble should be fixed by the troublemaker. First, tell me, what is your plan? Who are you trying to take down? I can come up with a plan!”
  • “You?” Fan Hunjun shook his head disapprovingly like a rattle.
  • “What’s wrong with me? You know I’m not good at accomplishing things, but I’m great at ruining plans. I might not be able to help you in accomplishing your mission, but I can ruin the opponent’s plan. So tell me, do you want to take down Zhou Manlan or Li Shanshan?”
  • “Didn’t Chang Kai mention it to you?”
  • “Damn, why did you keep mentioning him?”
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