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Chapter 183 Catfight

  • The fact that Fang Youqin made a bid did not raise much of a furor amongst the crowd, because everyone had been waiting for it. When she raised her sign, there had been at least twenty or thirty other people that, like Zhou Manlan, had also planned to raise their own. But Fang Youqin had gotten to it first.
  • Wu Pinghui looked at Fang Youqin, and asked Zhang Junhao, “Who is she?”
  • Zhang Junhao smiled awkwardly. “My former classmate.”
  • “No duh. I mean, what does she do?”
  • “Her dad’s the chairman of the Fang Group. She’s the managing director.”
  • Wu Pinghui frowned, and stared at Zhang Junhao with some detest. Zhang Junhao then realized that, despite having spoken quite a lot, he still had not explained what Fang Youqin did exactly.
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