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Chapter 182 Unable To Sell

  • Chen Fei smiled but made no reply.
  • All she knew was that Fan Hunjun had quite a power base established overseas, but she hadn’t known that he was also the eldest young master of the Fan Group. Regret filled her; why’d she have to take Jiang Zehui’s car that day?
  • But then she realized that if she hadn’t, she would never even have gotten to know Fan Hunjun, the scion of the Fan family.
  • Chen Feifei fished out her phone from her bag, and sent a message to Fan Hunjun. “Hey handsome, are you free tonight?”
  • Chen Feifei had gotten Fan Hunjun’s number from Jiang Zehui, but Fan Hunjun did not have her number.
  • Fan Hunjun’s phone was in his hand at this time, so he could contact Mike whenever. Upon seeing this message from an unknown sender, he thought it might be from Fang Youqin at first. However, when he turned to look at Fang Youqin, he saw that she was staring at the auction host, and not at her phone.
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