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Chapter 181 The Chairman’s Son

  • Fan Hunjun saw Zhang Junhao looking over at them from the corner of his eye, so he bumped Li Shanshan’s knee with his own, telling her quietly, “Someone’s looking for you.”
  • Li Shanshan reflexively lifted her head, and her eyes caught Zhang Junhao’s right on time. Zhang Junhao immediately twisted his head away, while Li Shanshan trembled abruptly.
  • Fan Hunjun sighed to himself. Why isn’t there any woman in this world who would react like she’s being electrocuted when she locks eyes with me?
  • He lifted his head and looked around, coincidentally locking gazes with Chen Feifei opposite of him. Chen Feifei smiled at him, and he reciprocated with a smile of his own.
  • “Mrs. Zhou,” Fan Hunjun quietly said to Zhou Manlan. “Look, the man in front us looks like the administrative director.”
  • Zhou Manlan hadn’t noticed at first. Seeing Huang Wenxuan and Chen Feifei sitting in front of her, she felt her stress grow.
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