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Chapter 18 Contradictory Thoughts

  • The moment the medical personnel heard this, they thought, Fan Hunjun is Fan Zhongzhen’s son?
  • That was good! Even if the police came, they wouldn’t do much to Fan Hunjun.
  • Which was why several of them pulled out their phones. One of the doctors waved his hand; he had called the police.
  • After all, Zhou Manlan had been the unreasonable one, and she even brought two gangsters with her to force the doctors to cut off Fan Zhongzhen’s medication. As Fan Zhongzhen’s son, what could possibly happen to him when he did that to his stepmother, when he did it to save his father’s life?
  • Zhou Manlan knew that she was in the wrong. When she heard that doctor call the police, the first thing she thought of was escape.
  • The two gangsters didn’t get it through their skulls. Even though they still had their trepidations toward Fan Hunjun, they still tried to charge at him after they clambered up from the ground.
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