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Chapter 178 Fighting Both Openly and in the Shadows

  • Although she had never wanted to stay in River City for the long term, she felt a little guilty towards her son because she was about to bid for the mansion and give it to Fan Hunjun. After all, her son liked that mansion.
  • Coincidentally, both Huang Wenxuan and Chen Feifei had arrived on the scene. Although they had come for the gossip, their presence put yet more pressure on Zhou Manlan.
  • Fan Hunjun sat next to Zhou Manlan while Li Shanshan sat next to Fan Hunjun. Seeing that there was no one she was familiar with around, she quietly looped her arm through Fan Hunjun’s.
  • Fan Hunjun shook his head. Will she still be so friendly towards me, when Mike gets his hands on Min Hill Mansion later?
  • Right at this time, Wu Pinghui and Zhang Junhao walked over. It occurred to Fan Hunjun that this was an excellent opportunity to show them all up.
  • So he said to Li Shanshan, “I think it’s better if you took your arm back.”
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