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Chapter 17 It’s A Small World

  • Fan Hunjun’s grandmother continued to refuse. Li Xinqiao hurried over, and after advising her for what seemed like half the day, his grandmother reluctantly agreed to the operation at last. She then said whatever she had on her mind. “Oh Jun, I’m already quite old, so it’s alright if I never see again. Why do you have to spend money so worthlessly? You’re about to have a wedding soon, so you should save whatever you can.”
  • Hearing this, the chief doctor spoke to her. “Madam, look at how filial your grandson and his wife is. When your eyesight is healed, you can go to their wedding and watch them enter a new phase of their life together!”
  • Li Xinqiao’s face reddened, but she didn’t make a sound.
  • Fan Hunjun couldn’t be bothered to correct the doctor even though he had misunderstood their relationship.
  • His grandmother simply smiled and nodded, her expression blissful and at peace.
  • The chief doctor explained the situation to them. Fan Hunjun’s grandmother would get anti-inflammatory shots for the next two days, and they would then perform a checkup on her before the operation next week. If she was given the all-clear, then the operation would take place.
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