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Chapter 167 Where Did This Daughter Come From?

  • Seeing how none of them made a sound, Zhou Manlan felt rather smug. If she could actually bribe both families with just that little Min Hill Mansion, then it wouldn’t matter if Fan Zhongzhen recovered; the Fan Group would be firmly in her hands anyway. At least none of the people currently here would contest her.
  • Her line of thought was simple; she would generously spend the money that should have gone to Fan Hunjun on him. It was just a tiny portion of the Fan Group’s wealth anyway, and the remaining money would be free for her to use as she wished.
  • She intended to spend a few years to wire the remaining few hundred million to Huang Hongde through various avenues, so as not to be discovered. Once she had completely emptied the Fan Group’s coffers, she could then swan off and enjoy a life of luxury with her own husband and son.
  • Zhou Manlan felt that her plan was perfectly flawless, but she didn’t know that everything was still within Fan Hunjun’s control.
  • On the other hand, Li Shanshan had been completely taken in by Zhou Manlan. Right now, she was feeling grateful for having such a good grandmother-in-law, instead of having a good husband.
  • Right then, Li Haobo urged Fan Hunjun’s grandmother to return to her room to rest. Li Shanshan immediately took over Zhou Manlan’s place by the wheelchair, and Fan Hunjun’s grandmother—who already thought of Li Shanshan as a granddaughter-in-law—was unable to truly express her gratitude.
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