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Chapter 164 On Tenterhooks

  • “Do classmates joke around like that? Hurry up and drive!” Hu Ying glared at him.
  • “Okay, okay.” Pang Zhibiao waved a hand in dismissal at Fan Hunjun. “The wife has spoken. I shall cease speaking. Adios!”
  • “See you around.”
  • As he watched Pang Zhibiao’s car disappear into the distance, Fan Hunjun smiled coldly and shook his head.
  • Hu Ying only heaved a sigh of relief once the car had left the hospital. She was afraid that Fan Hunjun would expose her job as a karaoke hostess because of Pang Zhibiao going overboard. That was why she urged him to leave quickly.
  • However, she was a little puzzled; how could Fan Hunjun used to be classmates with Pang Zhibiao? He was such a strong and incredible man, so how could Pang Zhibiao dare to joke around him like that?”
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