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Chapter 160 We Must Swing By

  • It was then that Li Shanshan replied with a smile. “Look at you. You’re about to have a wedding on Independence Day but you’re still making such a joke. I can’t get on your future wife’s bad side. She’s the boss of a modeling company. If I had a bunch of models waiting by the school entrance then, would I still be able to go to work with my reputation intact?”
  • “Look at yourself, don't you still have me? If you just called me, I would have immediately broken everything off with her, and besides, I’m a huge stakeholder in that modeling company of hers. If that’s not enough for you, I shall even give the entire modeling company to you!”
  • “Okay, that’s enough. People here can be such gossipers. If word gets to her, you’ll end up kneeling on one of those rough kneeling boards at night!”
  • “Whew, Miss Pretty Li, don’t tell me that you’re prepared to make Thoughtless Hun kneel for you? Man, it’s got to be such a joyful thing to be able to kneel on a board that you bought!”
  • Their classmates immediately began to hoot and cheer.
  • “When this guy gets all dirty, he’s capable of giving Thoughtless Hun a run for his money!”
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