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Chapter 16 Inviting Humiliation

  • Somehow or other, even though Li Xinqiao didn’t think of Fan Hunjun that way, but she felt a sort of rush when she saw him hurl that certificate onto Li Shanshan’s face.
  • Even though Li Xinqiao practically didn’t keep in contact with her classmates ever since she married Wang Xu, she wasn’t on bad terms with the others. She felt somewhat embarrassed when she was faced with Li Shanshan now.
  • Li Xinqiao hurried after Fan Hunjun when she saw him striding toward the hospital. She smiled an unbelievably awkward smile when she passed by Li Shanshan. “Sorry, Shanshan. I still have an errand to run, so I’ll be off.”
  • Li Shanshan didn’t even respond as she stood there staring at Liu Zhenqiang wordlessly. When Li Xinqiao left, she then finally lambasted Liu Zhenqiang. “Useless, you can’t even handle Thoughtless Hun!”
  • Liu Zhenqiang shook his head, his emotions somewhere between laughing and crying, as he rubbed his chest. “Hurry and call an ambulance. I think he’s fractured my rib with his kick.”
  • “Ambulance? This place is a hospital!”
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