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Chapter 159 A Visit From Classmates

  • Li Shanshan was torn between laughing and crying as she watched Li Haobo struggle to get up.
  • It’s the money’s fault!
  • “Dad, you still have an oxygen tube up your nose. You’re still on a drip too, and your incisions haven’t healed yet. How are you going to get up?”
  • “Then… don’t stay with me anymore. I’m fine. You should hurry and visit his grandmother!”
  • “Alright, let me just feed you the rest of the porridge. I heard that his father is warded at this hospital too.”
  • “Huh? Child, are you still unable to see it? His grandmother and father have been admitted to hospital, but you waited by the operating theater the whole day…” Li Haobo sighed. “You should know when to keep your head down. To tell you the truth, I truly cannot see how Zhang Junhao is better than Fan Hunjun apart from his looks, especially when it comes to treating you well.”
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