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Chapter 153 A Talk Between Grandmother and Grandchild

  • Fan Hunjun did not notice that Li Shanshan was already standing at the door as he explained to his grandmother, "Grandma, I actually don't want to trouble others too. The thing is, Wang Xu and Li Xinqiao has been taking care of you for several years while I was abroad. You're going in for an operation tomorrow, so it’s normal for them to come over and visit you. How can I drive them away?”
  • As Fan Hunjun said that, he found an iron spoon and used it to scoop out the longan from the can before feeding the longan to his grandmother.
  • Only then did Li Shanshan realize that his grandmother was blind.
  • While eating the canned food, his grandmother hesitated for a long time, and then said, "Hunjun, Xinqiao mentioned before that you’re registered your marriage with that girl from the Li family, is it true?"
  • Li Shanshan's heart suddenly became anxious.
  • Fan Hunjun asked her back, "Why are you asking about this?"
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