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Chapter 151 Resolving the Misunderstanding

  • Li Xinqiao was worried about Fan Hunjun's grandmother, so she came to the hospital to see her during her noon break. She mainly wanted to ask when his grandmother would have the surgery.
  • Before long, Wang Xu suddenly called and said that someone on the job site had ordered two or three tables of food in the afternoon. As there were not enough ingredients, he asked her to quickly go to the market to buy some raw materials.
  • Li Xinqiao left the ward immediately after receiving the call. She had just walked to the entrance of the ward when she heard someone shouting behind her, "Li Xinqiao—"
  • Li Xinqiao looked back and found that it was Li Shanshan. Her face flushed red instantly.
  • "Shanshan?"
  • Actually, they were not very close. They had not seen each other for many years, and on top of that, the last time they met was when Fan Hunjun sent Liu Zhenqiang flying at the entrance of the hospital. They never spoke to each other since then.
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