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Chapter 150 Sincere Words and Ernest Wishes

  • Li Haobo could read Li Shanshan's mind from her expression. He said, "I know, young girls like you often act the opposite of what you think. Maybe the reason you acted harshly toward him just now was because you wanted him to understand you, endure you, and even coax you, am I right?"
  • Li Shanshan said nothing.
  • "But, don't forget, Zhang Junhao's mother caused such a huge scene in the morning, yet he still treats you with such a good attitude now. He's already trying his best, so what else do you want from him?"
  • Li Shanshan replied in disapproval, "Then you're asking me to go shamelessly beg him now?"
  • "How is that shameless? I think you should give him a chance, and also give yourself a chance. If you and Zhang Junhao still have one percent—or 0.1 percent or even 0.01 percent—possibility of being together I will support you. But you already heard what his mother said. She came here today and caused a scene because you and Fan Hunjun have registered your marriage. It’s because that Zhang Junhao already has a long-term girlfriend, that she is afraid that you will ruin Zhang Junhao’s happiness."
  • Li Shanshan sighed.
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