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Chapter 144 Making a Scene in the Ward

  • “Can’t I keep it to myself?”
  • Chen Che shook his head. He knew he was the one in the wrong and he didn’t have the right to question closely. However, he felt rather uncomfortable not knowing the answer.
  • After all, Hong Bin was kind of a big shot. If big shot like him was even willing to make an apology, it meant that he must have been pressured by someone even more powerful.
  • When he realized that his wife actually knew someone so powerful in the underworld, he felt unsettling.
  • Even though Ma Pahan assured him that she didn’t cuckold him, he felt otherwise. There was a high chance that she had already cheated on him and made him a cuckold since a long time ago.
  • Seeing the jealous look on his face, Ma Panhan rolled her eyes at him. “Stop letting your imagination run wild. The one I looked for was the cop!”
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