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Chapter 140 Apologize and Compensate

  • “Sorry for the trouble. I’ve ruined your business tonight. Take it as my treat for tonight. You can use it to buy you and your ladies supper.”
  • Hu Ying was considered an old hand in her field. She had dealt with all kinds of people, especially those millionaires who spend money lavishly, and she personally knew quite a few of men like them.
  • However, she had never met a man like Fan Hunjun—who was ordinary-looking and wasn’t at all swanky—before. He showed some badass fighting skills earlier like a peremptory tyrant, but afterward, he was very understanding.
  • Hu Ying suddenly realized that Fan Hunjun was definitely not an ordinary man, and usually, an extraordinary man would do well in life. She didn’t want Fan Hunjun to look down on her for accepting the mere 1,000.
  • “Handsome boy, thank you for being so understanding. However, we did nothing to deserve this. I accept your good intention, but I will not accept the money.”
  • “It’s not even a big amount of money. Or is the amount too small for you?”
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