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Chapter 129 Provocation

  • As the saying went, he who had no knowledge needed to have common sense.
  • After all, Ma Panhan was an experienced person. Usually, when she chatted with her girlfriends, they would come to a conclusion that the most unbearable thing for every guy in the universe was to be cheated on.
  • On the contrary, the most exciting thing for every guy was to make a cuckold of another guy, especially when the guy was their enemy. That would be absolutely exhilarating!
  • Ma Panhan knew it in her heart that Fan Hunjun, who was used to being bullied since young, would have considered the guys in the whole class to be his enemy. And one of them would be her own husband, Chen Che.
  • Now that her husband was on the other end of the phone call and he was listening to Chen Che’s voice, Ma Panhan did not believe that Fan Hunjun would not have a single thought of making a cuckold of his once enemy, Chen Che.
  • Moreover, Ma Panhan was already openly offering herself to him, handing him all the necessary tools right into his hands.
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