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Chapter 128 Two Different Matters

  • It was only until now when Ma Panhan talked about the incident and apologized to him face-to-face that Fan Hunjun was finally able to let the matter go.
  • Fan Hunjun laughed. “Forget it. People always say that the ones who hurt others usually forget about what they did and only those who are hurt would remember what happened for a lifetime. I didn’t expect you to still remember about the incident. Now that you’ve already apologized, we’re even now.”
  • “Oh no! I don’t want to take any advantage of you. I was ignorant in high school and all I cared about was saving my own face. I was thoughtless about how much you would be hurt by the incident. Now, I finally understand that even if I spent the night with you, it would not be enough to repay the damage I caused you.”
  • Ma Panhan was hell-bent on getting what she wanted. Although she would not admit it by saying it out loud, she knew it in her heart that if Fan Hunjun did not accept her offer even when she threw herself at him, she must have been one hell of an ugly woman.
  • Fan Hunjun decisively shook his head. “It’s okay. All of you who’ve never been overseas might not have felt the same, but I’ve left the country for seven years. When I was in Africa, it always felt as though I’d seen a relative whenever I saw an Asian. That incident between us was really nothing at all.”
  • Ma Panhan instantly got up from the sofa and walked over to Fan Hunjun once again, sneering as she said, “Thoughtless Hun, please don’t tell me that you’re still trying to hold on to your virginity for Li Shanshan, are you?”
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