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Chapter 127 Repaying Old Debts

  • Ma Panhan was looking at him intensely from a very close distance and the alluring smell of her perfume filled his nostrils. Fan Hunjun was momentarily startled as he had a sudden urge to act impulsively.
  • Nonetheless, he warned himself to stay calm.
  • Ma Panhan was not a very pretty woman. Not only was she not as pretty as Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan, even Li Xinqiao would be considered far prettier than her.
  • Having said that, she had quite a good family background. As she loved to dress up and put on heavy makeup, she did not look half that bad. Nevertheless, this would all be useless once she went under the shower.
  • Looking at her bearing, it did not look like Chen Che was the only guy she had slept with. However, no matter what, Fan Hunjun was still an amateur.
  • During the time when he was overseas, he had been going through difficult hardships—fighting for his own survival and growth—so he had never intentionally approached any woman before.
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