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Chapter 123 My Treat

  • Wang Xu rolled his eyes at Fan Hunjun. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you even know what a crush is? Can it still be called a crush if the target of your affections knows about it?”
  • “You’re the one who’s kidding!” This time, Fan Hunjun was the one to roll his eyes. “Look at your wife now. Is she someone who still has a crush? Dammit, I’ve got nothing to do with her at all, but now look at what happened. It's as if there’s something between me and her.”
  • Wang Xu couldn’t help but burst out into a laugh. “I trust my wife’s character, but I don’t believe you.”
  • “Then let me tell you something. Don’t get angry. You also know that I’ve only ever mooned after two women. One is Fang Youqin, and the other is Li Shanshan. And anyway, I’m already legally married to Li Shanshan. You think I’d purposely find a new way to die?”
  • While Fan Hunjun’s words were a little on the crude side, he was obviously saying that Li Xinqiao was not even in the same league as Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan.
  • Wang Xu didn’t feel all that comfortable with this, but he still believed Fan Hunjun’s words.
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