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Chapter 122 Reasoning Rationally

  • After Leopard left, Ma Panhan called a waiter over. She covered both Leopard’s bill and Fan Hunjun’s as well.
  • All the waiters knew Fan Hunjun, so they were hesitant at first, but then they recalled that Fan Hunjun mentioned to treat him as a regular customer when he came again.
  • A customer covering another’s bill was a common occurrence, so that waiter didn’t say anything.
  • Ma Panhan immediately walked toward Fan Hunjun and Wang Xu after she paid the bills.
  • Fan Hunjun had politely greeted Ma Panhan earlier, but he already knew that Ma Panhan must have invited Leopard to talk about Hong Bin’s troublemaking ways.
  • He later on noticed that Leopard kept his body forward, a mysterious look on his face as he told Ma Panhan something. He also noticed how Ma Panhan looked at him from time to time.
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