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Chapter 121 Instigator

  • While Leopard certainly did not seem to be lying, Ma Panhan still couldn’t believe that Fan Hunjun was truly that remarkable.
  • After all, those scenes in which Fan Hunjun was being bullied as a kid were still fresh on her mind.
  • Even though she could sense that there was a rather drastic difference between him and his childhood self—his body was sturdier and more attractive now, and he had grown taller—there was also a saying that a leopard couldn’t change its spots.
  • A person’s courage was predetermined from birth. Ma Panhan was unable to accept this. She was unable to accept that Fan Hunjun—who used to be bullied by everyone under the sun—would be able to break Liu Zhenqiang’s ribs with a kick, and that he was able to knock over Leopard’s fellow gangsters in one movement.
  • In her eyes, people like Fan Hunjun would take the long path the instant they saw mobsters on the street. His behavior in her shop today was rather fitting for his personality.
  • That was why Ma Panhan found it difficult to accept this kind of story, no matter what Leopard said.
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