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Chapter 118 A Reunion Between Brothers

  • To Wu Pinghui, Fan Hunjun was different from other men. While he wasn’t as handsome as Zhang Junhao, he exuded an irresistible charm from every pore of his being, especially that wild ambition and the coldness that appeared intermittently. It was rare to see such an aura in this day and age.
  • And Wu Pinghui liked men such as him.
  • Wang Xu crossed paths with Wu Pinghui’s car as he rode toward the hospital. Wu Pinghui had just turned a corner when Wang Xu stopped by Fan Hunjun’s side.
  • He was just about to dismount, but Fan Hunjun had already gotten onto his motorbike. He patted Wang Xu on the shoulder. “Let’s go hang out at California Cafe.”
  • “Whoa, you must have struck gold. We’re heading to such a classy place?”
  • “Let’s go. It’s rare that we can meet like this. Shouldn’t we go to a nicer and posher place?”
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