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Chapter 115 Famous Ladies Club

  • Fan Hunjun initially wanted to head to Li Haobo’s room and have a good conversation with him, but he didn’t expect to meet Li Shanshan while on the way and have talks break down between them. Upon checking the time, he saw that it was just a little past seven, and at once, he wasn’t sure where he should go.
  • In the beginning, he was prepared to talk with Fang Youqin the entire night, and hadn’t expected to see such an inelegant scene the moment he entered her office. It had completely shattered his plans for the night.
  • Zhou Manlan had already mentioned that she would be at the hospital at night to watch over Fan Zhongzhen and Grandma. If he were to head to the back now, he might have to sit through her narcissism and flirtations.
  • He suddenly remembered that Wang Xu’s shop didn’t have many customers. They were probably close to shutting the shop for the night. In that case, he decided to invite him out for a talk while they were free. If he didn’t erase the misunderstanding that Wang Xu had, Fan Hunjun would not be able to eat or sleep well.
  • Before he did that, however, he sent the audio clip of Mrs. Zhang’s words to Fang Youqin, and then dialed Fang Youqin’s number. “Oh great beauty Fang, did you get my audio message?”
  • “I just received it. You called before I could open it. What are you playing at?”
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