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Chapter 110 More Proof

  • Li Shanshan already had her suspicions. She already believed that Fang Youqin’s words were the truth, but in order to save face, she could only continue to forcefully deny it.
  • Fan Hunjun smiled in disdain. “At first, I thought that Zhang Junhao was under Fang Youqin’s thumb, and that was why he lied to you. However, when I met Zhang Junhao’s mother downstairs earlier, it was then that I realized that you and Fang Youqin are just puppets dancing in the palm of his hand.”
  • “Hmph, just continuing slandering him then. Continue your slander of Zhang Junhao!”
  • Fan Hunjun played yet another audio clip. Li Shanshan had just said “I don’t want to listen to this” when Mrs. Zhang’s voice floated from the speakers.
  • “You’re now legally married to the Mr. Li's daughter now. There’s some things that I can’t say, because those who aren’t in the know may assume that I’m just trying to stir trouble. Then again, I’m very close with you grandmother. You’ve been alone without your parents since you were young, and I couldn’t bear to see others bullying you.”
  • “Auntie Zhang, I know that you’re doing this for my own good. If there’s anything you want to say, you can just say it directly.” Fan Hunjun’s voiced resonated.
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