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Chapter 104 Furious to No End

  • It turned out that Wu Pinghui’s father was the owner of New Life Supermarket Chain in the whole province, and her family's fortune was worth several hundred million. That year, her father just so happened to come to River City to open a chain of supermarkets, and handed the management in River City to Wu Pinghui. Thus, Zhang Junhao secretly kept in touch with Wu Pinghui while keeping both Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan in the dark at the same time.
  • However, Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan, who both knew nothing, thought that Zhang Junhao was very close to the other party. So, everyone was frustrated. It was at this time that Fang Youqin met Fan Hunjun—who had just returned to the country—at the gate of the train station. And thus, she got the idea of forcing Li Shanshan into marriage by lending her money.
  • But the interesting thing was that, Fan Hunjun's return to China this time and Fang Youqin's plan had almost helped out Zhang Junhao.
  • When Zhang Junhao received a call from Fang Youqin and heard that Li Shanshan and Fan Hunjun had registered their marriage, he was filled with jealousy. He rushed to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau and threw a tantrum in the office, before he simply walked away. However, Li Shanshan mistakenly thought that it was because he was still in love with her.
  • Li Shanshan had requested Fan Hunjun during the day to have sex with herself within a few days, because if she gave birth to a child within a year, Fang Youqin would waive the 600,000 loan.
  • In the evening, Li Shanshan called Zhang Junhao to the hospital. She was prepared to go the hotel with him that night.
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