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Chapter 101 Unexpected Gain

  • Fan Hunjun smiled coldly. "If you really love Li Shanshan, you should put behind everything for your relationship like she did. To put it bluntly, maybe you’ve loved her before, but your love for her is not comparable to your love for Fang Youqin's money. And, you guys have dated for so many years. I believe you're already tired of her, am I right? Now that someone like me—who doesn’t understand the situation—is here to pick up the mess, you're more than happy to let me do so.”
  • "Stop insulting my relationship with Shanshan. The relationship between me and her is very innocent and pure. It’s not as dirty and messy as you think."
  • Fan Hunjun was shocked. "We already went and got our wedding certificate, yet you both still hugged and kissed under the big tree. Now you're telling me that you are very innocent and pure? Yes, in your eyes, I'm Thoughtless Hun. But, I'm not stupid!"
  • "You son of a b*tch, don't pretend to be the victim after taking advantage of the situation. I don't know if Li Shanshan is still a virgin, but I have never touched her!" Zhang Junhao paused for a while, before continuing again, "By 'haven't touched her' I mean that I never had sex with her. As for hugging and kissing, who cares about such a trivial matter in this day and age?"
  • F*cking hell, this is an unexpected gain. Li Shanshan is actually a virgin?
  • Fan Hunjun had a glimmer of hope in his heart, but then it disappeared instantly without a trace.
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