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General note

  • One hears much about the 'hideous Blue Laws of Connecticut,' and is accustomed
  • to shudder piously when they are mentioned.  There are people in America—and
  • even in England!—who imagine that they were a very monument of malignity,
  • pitilessness, and inhumanity; whereas in reality they were about the first
  • SWEEPING DEPARTURE FROM JUDICIAL ATROCITY which the 'civilised' world had
  • seen.  This humane and kindly Blue Law Code, of two hundred and forty years
  • ago, stands all by itself, with ages of bloody law on the further side of it,
  • and a century and three-quarters of bloody English law on THIS side of it.
  • There has never been a time—under the Blue Laws or any other—when above
  • FOURTEEN crimes were punishable by death in Connecticut.  But in England,
  • within the memory of men who are still hale in body and mind, TWO HUNDRED AND
  • TWENTY-THREE crimes were punishable by death!  These facts are worth
  • knowing—and worth thinking about, too.