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Chapter 7 Drooling

  • Damn it!
  • Saturday comes too quickly, and I flitze early morning again to the cafe to get the key to Else, a robust woman in her fifties and my reliable right hand to make.
  • "Have fun, dear!" She wishes me and winks with one eye. "Have a good time, you deserve it."
  • "I'll try it."
  • Then it goes to Anja, who lives a little further away and therefore the closest to the church where Sandy will say yes to her chosen one.
  • When I get to Anja's pretty apartment, I first pour myself a mug of freshly brewed coffee and drink it while Roni works my long, smooth hair with the curling iron. She herself tamed her mane with thick curlers and only has to take it out afterwards and fix the finished product with a ton of hairspray. Anja, on the other hand, who is the only one with naturally beautiful waves, has tied her hair in a simple updo.
  • "So that everyone can admire my tattoo and blaspheme about it," is her reason. Her left shoulder is adorned with what I think is a beautifully crafted skull. A youthful sin that she stands behind to this day. I prefer not to mention where my youthful sin is.
  • After Roni has finished my hairstyle, the two of them help me to slip into my dress carefully so as not to destroy the stunning work of art that Roni has created on my head. I look at myself in the head-high mirror in Anja's bedroom and make my eyes wide.
  • "I look like I really want to be laid today." My lips twist into a big grin as I look at my two sisters who, now also fully dressed, made up and do their hair, stand by me. "My God, Sandy will hate us even more than usual!"
  • Roni draws her fiery red painted lips into a kissable mouth and breathes a kiss in the direction of the mirror. "But why?" She asks with a seductive look. “We're just three naturally blonde sex bombs in short dresses, with long, slender legs and seductive curves. Who would hate us? "
  • Giggling we go back to the kitchen, open another champagne and gossip a bit while we empty the bottle. Three quarters of an hour later we are sitting in a taxi, slightly tipsy, and driven to the church by a driver who doesn't know where to look and runs over a couple of cherry-green traffic lights.
  • Anja pays the guy and gives a good tip, since we arrived safely at our destination, and then turns to us in the back seat. “Ready for any atrocity?” Roni and I give both thumbs up in response. "Okay, let's stir up the crowd!"
  • In a movie, we would most likely be marching in slow motion with flowing hair and lascivious glances to the waiting guests, while a suitable song like Justin Timberlake's> Sexy Back
  • When we arrive at the church, we are gazed at from all sides, as if we were the lousy red-assed monkeys in the zoo. Only after a few minutes does our mother break away from the crowd and walk up to us with her arms outstretched.
  • "My sweeties!" She greets us very happily and hugs each one deeply. "You are so beautiful." She reaches into her shiny silver handbag and takes out a handkerchief to dab the corner of her eye.
  • "You look great too, Mama." Anja puts an arm around Mutti's shoulders and carefully wipes away the lipstick that Roni's red lips have left on her wrinkled cheek.
  • “Oh, I'm so happy that Sandy is getting married. She is such a lovely girl and has finally found the right one. "
  • We might not sign this statement, but we nod well and confirm that we are also happy for our cousin. Basically it's true, because although we don't like Sandy very much, we obviously don't wish her anything bad. Maybe you're doing the marriage just fine and casting off some of the bad qualities in your character.
  • "Where's Leon?" I finally ask, looking around for my brother. My gaze glides over the many familiar and unfamiliar faces and is suddenly captured by a pair of very intense eyes. Those eyes, which should be gray or blue, which I can't see from a good ten meters away, belong to a man in a tailor-made dark gray suit. He smiles at me, and his gaze unabashedly wanders over my entire body until, after careful consideration, he comes back to my eyes. He shows very clearly that he likes what he sees. And suddenly I feel a slight flutter in the stomach area.
  • "Emma?" My mother's voice pulls me out of the exciting star duel. I turn to her, breaking eye contact with Mr. Unknown. “Your brother will come to the reception later, unfortunately he won't make it to the wedding. It's a shame, it's so romantic. "
  • "Leon is not exactly the romantic type," I object and look over my shoulder to look again at the handsome guy who was eyeing me. He is now talking to the man standing next to him, but continues to look in my direction. Our eyes meet again and I take a hissing breath because I can clearly hear a crackle in the air. And if it doesn't crackle right away, then it never cracks, my words come back to me. Damn, it's crackling right now!
  • "Well, who are you giving your bedroom look to?" Roni whispers to me, drawing my attention to himself. She follows my gaze and nods approvingly. "Hot. If so, you're going to go all out, huh? But we're not related to that, are we? "
  • “I don't know, but stop drooling so conspicuously!” I reply quietly.
  • “You gave him a lot to understand with your looks, but I'm noticeably drooling? Already clear. "