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Chapter 6 Non- binding

  • "I'm stressed," I growl further into my glass and scowl at both of them. They have clearly conspired against me and my fence out of aggression and scratchiness. How mean!
  • "Probably under-screwed," Roni corrects me. “Honestly, Emmi, you really need to go out and have fun again. I understand that the café is a full-time job, but you're still working your way to death. "
  • "At least you killed your love life long ago," Anja confirms her statement.
  • “You're exaggerating.” I need to refill my glass of water so I can continue drinking and buzzing in it.
  • "Do you find? Okay, when was the last time you had sex? ”Anja's heavily made-up eyes look at me very intently.
  • “That must have been ... well, maybe eight or nine months ago. Maybe it's been a year, too, ”I put out very softly, and I can literally hear the crack when her jaws touch the table.
  • "Good gracious! Emma, you could easily pass for a virgin again. ”Roni shakes her head in horror. She herself has a very body-conscious lifestyle and keeps herself young and balanced with sex, as she always claims. "Didn't you just tell us a few weeks ago that you were dating a man?"
  • "Yes, but while I was eating I discovered that he was a narrow-minded idiot who liked Madonna's music, and I didn't call him after that." The next glass of water is refilled and my nose is buried in it.
  • "Are you still hanging on to the ass fiddle?" Anja asks lurking.
  • The ass fiddle is actually called Eduard and is the last guy I had a long relationship with. We were together for almost a year when I called him one day in the middle of the night and a woman answered his cell phone. Later he confessed to me that he felt neglected by me because I was only in the café and worked. So of course he had to drown his grief between someone else's legs, of course. Then I separated from him, cried for days and made up my mind not to sacrifice any more time for the assholes of this world. To this day that seemed perfectly legitimate to me, but it seems my sisters see it very differently.
  • "No, I'm not crazy about it," I answer Anja's question and emphasize every word so that she really understands it. “I just haven't run into a guy lately who I wanted to rip off his clothes right away. And if it doesn't crackle right away, then it never cracks. "
  • "Well, I have to disagree," puts in Roni, lifting a finger as she sips her wine glass. “I told you about the petty accountant I met at my colleague's birthday party. Well, it didn't crackle at all, but at some point I ended up in bed with him and ... Man, the guy might have it! I couldn't sit the whole next day. "
  • I cover my ears and shake my head. "No details, please, Ron!"
  • “Don't be so buttoned up, Emma.” Laughing, she removes my hands from my ears. “You have to loosen up again. Sex is good for the mind and body. We all know that a few years ago you thought the same way. I can remember well how your first friends chased you for months after the breakup because they really wanted you back. And if you had asked why they couldn't forget you, they would certainly not have listed your Backstreet Boys autograph cards. "
  • I make a face. “I was eighteen then, Ron. Eighteen, adventurous, independent and pretty much shameless. I'm twenty-six now, I have a lot of responsibility and I can't afford to keep a guy happy with a porn star performance from morning to night. "
  • "Half of the day or a nice weekend is enough to keep men happy," says Anja again after a short break. For almost two years now, she has had something of a long-distance relationship with an entrepreneur who lives in England and keeps coming to Germany on business and then having a blast in expensive suites with my big sister. Anja is happy with it, because it keeps her freedom, which is just as important to her as the other two of us, and gets every wish from her eyes on these weekends because her Englishman is completely mad about her.
  • I give up defending myself and sit back resignedly. "So you think my problems will vanish into thin air if I have fun with a guy under the bridal table the day after tomorrow?"
  • "No, but at least the world is pink for a few hours after that, and you can recharge your batteries to take on any Antichrist," replies Roni, grinning enthusiastically.
  • She thinks she has won, but I'm still not convinced that an adventure with a man is the solution to all problems. Much more likely, men just bring more problems with them. But I wouldn't mind a little closeness and pleasure. As long as it remains non-binding.