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Chapter 19 Future rent

  • "Silly?" I press out between clenched teeth, glaring at him. So much to stay calm . “And what do you call it when a greedy asshole buys a building and raises the rent of the café in it by thirty percent? Oh, and then he lures the owner of the shop into his bed with bold lies. "
  • "As far as I remember, you were all too willing to get into that bed," says Joe - or whatever he calls himself - and his gray eyes twinkle back.
  • "I can't even remember how I got into that goddamn bed!" I snapped at him, poking my index finger in his hard chest. "You should drop me off in front of my café and put me right in your fucking bed instead!"
  • "And when you were sober again, you couldn't wait to test this bed thoroughly for stability," he continues, and if the situation weren't so damn serious, I might even laugh at that statement .
  • But instead I push him away and even manage to get him to step back. “Get out of here, Joe! Or whatever your real name is. "
  • "My name is Benjamin Joseph Mynard," he says quietly and does not move from the spot. "Friends call me Ben."
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