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Chapter 16 Get out

  • Joe doesn't lay me back so gently on the bed anymore and gets up. I watch his tall, impressive figure as he walks across the room to a door and disappears into the room beyond. A streak of light falls in and illuminates part of the room. A mighty closet, a dominant desk and the huge bed I'm lying on, otherwise there is no furniture in it. But this facility looks very expensive, and I wonder again what Joe does for a living. Then the light in the bathroom goes out again and he comes back, tugging a crackling foil in his hands. Every thought about furniture and jobs is immediately gone.
  • "Let me do it," I say, sliding over to the edge of the bed to take the condom off him and grab his cock by the root. That's a trick of mine to make sure that the condom fits properly. I'm not in the mood for any mishaps that could have immense effects. Before I put the condom on Joe, I look up at him again and playfully lick his smooth glans.
  • He gets the full Emma-the-Grenade program. The wildest ride of his life. I quickly fit into the role of the uninhibited, willing seductress that I have given up for so long - until this night. I think I should thank Joe for starting the old fire in me. Or should he thank me for screwing him to the point of unconsciousness? 
  • We enjoy exploring our bodies until the wee hours of the morning. Completely exhausted and satisfied, I finally fall asleep with a smile on my face. Oh, yes, I really needed that!
  • .......
  • As I wake up, I'm lying alone in bed. Dull light falls through the heavy curtains and shows me that the day has long since begun. A sunny day it seems. With an effort I turn on my back and feel every single muscle and bone stressed in my body. And I also feel complete satisfaction and relief. Yes, I really needed that night. The hours filled with passion have been more than necessary!
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