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Chapter 15 Even better

  • "I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm doing here," I reply, straightening up a little to slide my mouth up, pressing my breasts against him. I kiss his neck and bury my fingers in his sleep tousled hair. Then I hike a little higher and kiss him. Hell, when I'm not dead drunk anymore, it feels even better!
  • Joe's resistance fades quickly, and seconds later I can feel his fingers digging into my thighs as he returns my kiss with the same greed that I feel them.
  • I lick and suck his tongue, pluck his full lower lip and rub myself shamelessly against him. Joe moans softly, and that sound onions through my whole body, keeping my arousal and pulse racing.
  • "Emma ..."
  • I smother his protest with my mouth, kiss him over and over and finally put a finger on his lips. “I'm not drunk anymore, Joe. Just enjoy it. "
  • Slowly I let myself slide down his sinful body, pull the T-shirt off over his head and explore his wonderfully defined chest area, where I playfully bite his nipple. Joe takes a hissing breath and his fingers dig deeper into my yielding flesh. The slight pain also stimulates me and strikes like lightning through my lap.
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