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Chapter 13 Missed the feeling

  • I press myself close to Joe's hardened body, enjoy the sensations that this closeness triggers in me; the desire that flows through my veins in tingling waves and gathers in my abdomen. And I realize that I have missed this feeling very much in the past few months - or even years. My café and my work make me happy, and I definitely don't want to trade them for something else, but I'm rarely satisfied. Almost never balanced.
  • "Emma." Joe's voice breaks my mind. I look up into his eyes that rest on me. "I have to confess that one night stands are not my thing."
  • "Every man likes non-binding sex," I reply with conviction.
  • "I'm not saying that I have to marry the woman I'm sharing the bed with, but I find sex more satisfying when it's more personal."
  • "Don't worry, you will be satisfied, I promise you," I say with a smile and, satisfied, notice that his eyes darken a little. "Make an exception for me, Joe."
  • "Why don't we have something to eat together first and then see?" He suggests instead.
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