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Chapter 12 Exciting part

  • When I look at you, a few indecent things I'm not going to say out loud here. Do you think I'm an easy girl because I think so? "
  • "No, not at all. Are you an easy girl? ”He returns my question.
  • "No, just screwed up." Oops, that was probably a little too direct. I don't want to appear desperate or scare him off. He doesn't seem like the type that likes open-hearted women. I rate him as a hunter who wants to conquer. I should give him a little more leeway so that he feels challenged, even if I would like to leave out the back and forth because I don't have time for it.
  • Before Joe can comment on my statement, I put my index finger to my lips, silencing him. "You didn't hear that, right?"
  • "Missing what?" He pretends not to know what I'm talking about.
  • I return his smile and look over my shoulder as the door of the ladies room opens and the two girls come out. They giggle and look at us curiously as they walk past us.
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