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Chapter 7 She swore

  • Who thinks so "? Lynnette interrupted , skewering him with her cold cold emerald glare .
  • " Why , it is a common supposition , my dear captaine," He added , before she could accuse him , 'I have never given them a reason to believe it of cause , It is simply cos am often seen in your company , we pirates are filthy minded a lot.... he grinned and trailed off.
  • " And I bet , you never denied the rumor ."
  • Captain Bellairs spread his hands and shrugged , " Why should I ruin my reputation ? Besides , "he cajoled , " it does your reputation no harm to be named my lady."
  • "That's a matter of opinion !! " she countered , then smiled to take a shrug from her words because she knew he was right.
  • Andre Bellairs was certainly cleaner than most buccaneers, if nothing else , since rumors were bound to fly a woman who wore breeches and carried a sword into battle with such great success , she supposed she was lucky the talk isn't hadn't been worse.
  • One reason Lynnette was not entirely displeased with the rumor as that it provided protection , if everyone thought she bedded Andre , there would be fewer men attempting to get her in their beds.
  • After a few more pleasantries she excused herself from Andre, he watched her go thoughtfully, marveling at her beauty and coldness.
  • After leaving Andre , Lynnette make rounds of her acquaintances , greeting men she had not seen for months , drinking and exchanging conversations with them .
  • For a while she sat among her crew , boasting with as much creativity as they about the ships , they had taken and the bounty that was their reward . Bellairs's crew and the men of yet another ship wagered with them as to the richness of their next prize. But lynnette's heart wasn't in it , and when the party began to devolve into serious wenching , she got up quietly and walked into the darkness,
  • Captain Thorne tried not to hear the sounds of nearby fornications , the grunts and moans of couples as the pleasured each other , The sound brought only painfully memories for her.
  • Memories of her sister, brutally raped before her eyes .....
  • She closed her ears to the not so far discreet noises turning her face upward , The moon was full , hanging large in the midnight sky . Silver rays framed her delicate face , glinted in her green eyes, it seemed all the stars in creation were shining tonight , spreading cold light and beauty on the earth .
  • Lynnette took refuge in their celestial radiance , wanting to forget the past , needing to forget -----but never able to escape the images burned in her mind ,. She could not ignore the things that had made her what she was.
  • Lynnette curved her hands into hard fists , exhaling to revenge the tightness in her slender shoulders . I shall avenge you Sarah , she swore ,no matter the cost .