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Chapter 6 Bed partner

  • Andre!!, you blood sucking worm, how the hell are you she hollered at him when she got closer . "Captain Thorne my favorite , said a dry , french accented voice , The Man called Andre stood up , grinning , He was handsome in an angular , rakish way , with long , glossy chestnut hair and lean , hollowed cheeks , At Six feet, he stood just a few inches taller than Lynnette , the two clapped shoulders congenially , then sat down .
  • ' I've not seen you in some time, Cherie ", he said , surveying her slim body and the single red gold braid that hung down her back to her hips , " But then I hear you've been busy making a name for yourself . I mean one cannot help but hear tales of a female pirate with arms like tree trunks , teats that sag to the waist like goat udders , and a face that could curdle milk he teased .
  • She threw him dirty look , so he hastened to add , Not of course , that I do not defend your honour to any who spread such vicious lies ", With a look of naked lust , he said , " I deserve some reward for my loyalty , or do I not ? " His eyes roamed her again with a practiced leer over her figure .
  • Lynnette looked at Andre coldly , "it has been a long time " she replied slowly , " Long enough so I haven't forgotten how much I despise your crude attempts to get me to your bed . If you don't stop them , she said with a soft menace "I will have no choice but to believe you want me to remove the organ causing you to behave so foolishly . I must " she paused , her hand reaching toward her boot , " I have a blade somewhere a out me with which to do the deed . smiling through gritted teeth .
  • Wisely taking her attitude , if not her words , seriously Captain Andre Bellairs quit the topic with a murmured apology . I am sorry moi`~cherie , if my ill chosen words displeased your tender sensibilities , " he said with such an obvious mockery of gallant groveling that she was forced to hold back a laugh , But you've stolen my poor heart , and I cannot help but laugh when you are near !!. Try she advised dryly but his words soothed her anger , cos she couldn't stay upset with an old friend . "I heard you not doing bad yourself she continued" I mean you seized A rich merchant with a cargo of silk . " Ah, that ," He waved the victory away with a negligent gesture " Ah , Andre , it's good to see you she laughed .
  • But he managed to look hurt but my victory is nothing compared to yours ," you said you missed me care to prove it"? he asked slyly " Everyone is thinks we are bed partner so what harm ---