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Chapter 5 Beach

  • The Maiden was by no means the only ship at anchor off Tortuga that night, Vessels Of every type lay off the coast , lighting the gloom with lanterns on bow and stern .
  • Sounds of revelry could be heard from the nearby beach , along with the flaring snap of bonfires that illuminated the faces of drunken buccaneers , Island's Such as this provided safe havens for pirates and other disreputable person's wishing to escape notice o civilized crimes .
  • Lynnette knew all the faces well, " will you be going to the beach to night captain ? asked Harry , " perhaps responded Captain Thorne , not sounding enthusiastic about the prospect . The pirates lively revels usually served to relax her , to take her mind off more serious issues , But tonight she seeks solitude and quietness more than an evening spent drinking that would leave her surly and muddle headed on the morning ,
  • "But I doubt I would stay long " she added
  • "Aye , lass" , he acknowledged . Lynnette shook her head ruefully , only Harry would dare call of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean " lass". Anyone other than him would find himself on the wrong end of the sword before he would stammer out an apology . " Well be off with you, now. I can see you wish to join the merry making " She looked at her old friend suspiciously "
  • " There's no need to stay just to keep me company ", she said and chuckled , I will not fade away merely from a lack of companionship , I don't get lonely remember ? he eyed her "that's because you don't need anyone he thought " .
  • .
  • When he left she went down below deck for a change of clothing cos she was still wearing the salt crusted one from her unscheduled swim earlier , she didn't like flaunting her feminity among her crew , she also knew they needed to see her at least like a human . When she returned up deck all her men have left for the beach , For a moment Lynnette considered not going to the beach at all , but she knew she should put in an appearance for the sake of morale .
  • Cos she knew holding herself aloof from her men would foster distrust and antagonism , if they thought she considered her self to big to share rum with them .
  • When she got to the beach it was a scene most would be horrified by , but it didn't frighten Captain Thorne not a bit , women naked from the waist up held tightly in the arms of dirty , dangerous looking men who could not be mistaken than the outlaw they were . Some where dancing and swaying their hips to a fiddle being performed by a giant looking guy with tattoos covering almost part of his skin , while some fellows where smooching some ladies at a corner , moans could be heard every now and then .
  • Lynnette sighed in relief that she wore a Captain attire regardless of the event taking place . she kept walking till she caught sight of an old friend who kept waving at her direction .