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Chapter 3 Lord Roger

  • Don't you think you were too hard on the boy , captain? asked Harry a little while later as the oversaw the repairs .
  • Lynnette " -"
  • Harry scratches head I mean, he was just having a little fun ,nothing any boy his age wouldn't do . He mean no harm ,
  • Lynnette looked at her second in command he was older man , seamed and scarred by the weather , and other elements. He had been her first mate (crew member) as long as she captained the Maiden's Revenge , and her friend for twice this time .
  • "No , I do not think I was hard on the boy , she said sharply . " You no I don't tolerate that sort of insubordination from any member of my crew, an not even from an imp like Davie ".
  • What do you think will happen to my authority if let the men think of me as a woman rather than a Captain ?.
  • Nay (no) "She shook her head , as much as I like the scoundrel he had to be punished , That will serve as an example to others .
  • She spoke frankly with her first mate as she would not with any one else
  • As far as Harry knew , he was the only person the only man , at any rate , she trusted enough to do so "Aye captain " he replied knowing she was right , Still scrubbing the deck twice a day for a month will be a harsh punishment for a good hearted devil.
  • With any other captain "she reminded him "would be a flogging "
  • "with any other captain ? he said grinning , there wouldn't be any need for that when we have Captain throne .
  • Now we will have to race to make our destination in time , she continued she continued with voice filled with dark intent , I wouldn't want to keep Lord Roger waiting.
  • If the information the captain of the last vessel gave us is correct , I will face that son of a Whore soon enough and when am done with him " I will feed what's left of him to the sharks "
  • But captain , Harry began, but she cut him off . If you are going be another of your famous lectures on the perils of revenge ,save it cos I've heard them often enough , and one more repetition won't change my mind. You know what he did to me to , to Sarah . Lord Roger will pay !! she growled .