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Chapter 34 - I made a blunder

  • "Is she really going to be like that?" ..This is the third time when ryan is asking me the same thing with the same hope .. {he is horrified to hear all those things from gramma..}
  • "well now I understand why mumma used to scold gramma, when she said something that I was not able understood that time" I shook my head with a little smile and ryan groaned "just try to ignore her"
  • "it's hard especially when my mate is in front of me and I can't even take her in my arms" he mumbled grumpily and my eyes got wide on his honesty. As soon as he realized what he said his eyes got wide "shit, sorry about that" he said and looked everywhere but me "I am just not in my proper senses" he said but I can see his ears turning a little shade of red.. {is he blushing?..}
  • He coughed and tried to mask his flustered expressions "so what have you thought about your stay?" he asked me clearly trying to avoid the awkwardness.
  • "I don't think I have choice, I can't leave her, but I also understand that it will not be convenient for you and..." before I blabber 1000 stupid reasons he cut me off.
  • "It's alright, you can stay here, there are many unoccupied rooms in my house and I have already given you my word for shira's safety. I think it will be best for you two, to stay here rather than anywhere else as you also need safety." he stopped for my reaction and when I did not said anything, he continued while clearing his throat awkwardly.. "sorry about earlier stupid confession. I can't say that confession was wrong but you can take that as king's confessions rather than mine. I don't know if you know it or not but wolves are extremely possessive towards their mates. Well, king likes you and he keeps blabbering about you 24*7" he said and suddenly again his eyes got wide "no, no, not in that way. He doesn't say something bad or in some unkind way." he stopped and cleared his throat awkwardly "you know right, that none of us can think about you in immodest way" he was looking so nervous yet adorable saying all this that I finally gave up my facade of stern look and cracked up laughing loudly.
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