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Chapter 5 First day in school

  • It was only the eleventh day living in this weird town and I was about to start my first day in Woodhidge High. Not only was I expected to see Woodhidge as home, I would spent my last year in high school in the town too. It was left to me to me to choose whether I would be happy here or not. 
  • I didn't hate the town—and that was saying a lot, as I rarely liked anywhere. For more than one thing, the town was a beauty on its own. I hadn't noticed how pretty the town was on the first day we arrived. The town was gave me some old-school vibe and on its own wasn't weird as it seemed like any other town—from the outside of course. Like every suburban location, the houses seemed so out of pattern unlike the notorious tightness of the city, yet it all looked like a happy embrace of homes. The town, however, struck me as one that I would have to spend a lot more time understanding. 
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